Individual OT Services

Individual occupational therapy services are provided in the context of your child’s daily environment at home or school (and outdoors whenever possible!).

Individual OT services begin with an occupational therapy assessment. The $350 initial fee covers:

  • 90-minutes of initial OT assessment of your child's strengths and challenges

  • 30-minute phone call to discuss assessment findings & set goals (if OT is recommended)

Further assessment, treatment visits, phone consults, & report writing are billed monthly at $175/hour.

Our OT assessment will give you deeper insight into the "why" behind many of your child's difficulties, and our recommendations will give you a clear path to more enjoyment of daily life for your family and less stress for all!

We’ll have some limited availability to offer individual services starting in September 2019. Please join the free waitlist to be contacted in mid-August for scheduling.