We help kids grow more coordinated, confident, calm, and caring.


Are you worried about your child? 

It is heart-wrenching to watch your child struggle to do things that seem to come easily to other kids- things like climbing on the playground, making friends, using flexible thinking, or playing peacefully with other kids.  It's not your child's fault, but they may have to work far harder than others just to get through the day.  They may become anxious, overwhelmed, or easily frustrated.  They may seem tired and lethargic, or maybe the opposite: high energy, constantly on-the-go, and rarely slowing down for a second.

Do any of these sound like your child?  

We understand how hard it is to watch your child struggle. You might feel perplexed or overwhelmed.  You worry they may be missing critical skills they need to develop during the early years of childhood.

All kids should have the support they need to gain motor skills and social-emotional skills that are foundational for a healthy and happy life.  

That’s our job.  At Outdoor Kids OT, we help kids become more coordinated, confident, calm, & caring.

We know how to help your child achieve these important life skills... to make life easier and more enjoyable for your child and your whole family.

Here's how we do it:

The ConTiGO Approach

Our proprietary treatment method is based on 3 simple beliefs:


Connection with others

Children need friends or family in therapy, not just the therapist.  


Transformation through therapy

Occupational therapy is transformative for families... especially when offered in the natural world.


in the Great Outdoors

Children need more time to play in nature.


Give your child the gift of screen-free therapeutic play in nature.


What Parents Are Saying about Us:

He’s much more confident. Even at school we’re starting to see that...playing with the other kids. He’s more free in his movement, more fluid, more coordinated. It’s so natural. This doesn’t feel like work, and that’s why this works. It’s hard to imagine OT in any other way now.”
— Kimberly & Carmen, Oakland parents of 5-year-old
Our son had his best year yet this year, and we owe it in large part to the growing confidence and social skills he’s learning at ConTiGO Kids while tackling new physical work. This week I even saw him take risks to take little leaps off “high” places like a kid. Such a small thing to most people’s eyes, no doubt, but to me it said everything.
— Kathleen, mother of a ConTiGO Kid, Oakland, CA

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