What is the

ConTiGO Approach?


Connection with others.

We believe children need friends or family in therapy, not just the therapist.  

Children learn best with friends or family, as this helps them carryover skills into their daily lives.  In our ConTiGO Kids Groups, our occupational therapists always provide therapy services in small groups of 3-5 children.  This allows kids to practice play skills and makes therapy more FUN!


Transformation in Therapy

We believe children’s occupational therapy is transformative...especially when offered in the natural world.  

Our therapists specialize in combining OT intervention with the power of nature to accelerate your child’s progress toward goals.  We listen to you to set treatment goals that truly matter to your family.  Our therapy groups use the latest research in sensory integration, motor learning, and neuroscience, to be most effective in helping your child build the skills necessary for success at school, home, and in life.  We want to help your child and family to feel daily life is easier and more enjoyable.


Great Outdoors

We believe children need more time to play in nature.

Nature provides health benefits that are truly impossible to replicate in any indoor therapy setting.  Mental clarity, peacefulness, attentiveness, and cardiovascular health are just a few of the benefits research has proven are offered by nature.  The natural world inspires children’s internal drive to explore, challenge their bodies, be creative, and have FUN while building skills.

Indoor OT clinic spaces are full of therapy equipment: plastic balance beams, swings, tactile bins, monkey bars, rock climbing walls, foam mats, and more.  In ConTiGO Kids OT, we balance on logs, lift large sticks and rocks to build forts, set up and ride on tree swings, play in real mud and water, climb trees and boulders, roll down hills, and more!  

Best of all, your child can access nature at any time with you- no special clinic space needed- so carryover of skills to daily life happens more naturally.