Therapy in the Great Outdoors

Training Retreat

Will this training give me certification in the ConTiGO Approach?

No, not at this point. We are considering certifying therapists in the approach in the future but it would require more infrastructure to ensure fidelity to the approach in real-life therapy settings.  At this training retreat, you will be introduced to the approach and can use it in your practice as little or as much as you wish. In the future, if we offer certification programs, you would get an exclusive discount on any fees involved since you will have been one of the first people trained in the approach outside of Outdoor Kids OT.  Under trademark law, you may not take the ConTiGO Approach training materials and begin training other people in a similar approach that you call your own. Under copyright law, you may not share your training materials with other professionals. We greatly appreciate if you send people to us for training, because it means that you enjoyed and benefited from the training yourself! Feel free to talk with Laura if you have any questions about if the training is right for you due to the copyright and trademark laws protecting the content you will learn. Email her at laura@outdoorkidsot.com

I’m not an occupational therapist. Will this training be relevant for me?

While our approach was developed in nature-based occupational therapy sessions, the training materials are applicable to many practitioners who work with children, including but not limited to: speech therapists, physical therapists, mental health practitioners, psychologists, and special education teachers. If you work with children who have special needs and want to take that work outdoors, this training retreat will help you get started! One thing to note: The ConTiGO Approach was developed for children with ADHD, autism, sensory processing challenges, and dyspraxia/developmental coordination disorder, so we will focus mainly on these populations during the training. The approach was not developed based on work with children who have more significant cognitive or motor challenges or severe language impairments. Feel free to contact Laura@outdoorkidsot.com if you’re unsure the training will be a good fit for your professional goals.

Will there be any follow-up after the retreat?

YES! We want to establish a ConTiGO Community and will discuss how to best format this on the retreat to give everyone follow-up support to implement the approach in your work.  Laura will also be offering discounts on business coaching for attendees who wish to have consistent 1:1 or group coaching after the retreat.

Is there an option to stay on-site and have a private room?

Not at this time, due to limited rooms available at the retreat center.  To maximize the number of people that can attend, we are only offering shared lodging.  You may request to room with a friend if they are attending too. If you really want a private room, you may opt to not use the lodging at the retreat center and pay the “commuter rate” as outlined in the previous question above. Email laura@outdoorkidsot.com to get the commuter rate discount code for registration.

I want to work at Outdoor Kids OT but don’t live in the Bay Area! Are you ever going to expand Outdoor Kids OT to other locations? Would this training help me if I’m interested in doing this where I live?

Yes- we are in the process of establishing systems for this possibility right now, and believe this could be a great fit for someone who really wants to work outdoors with children as an occupational therapist, but doesn’t necessarily want to run their own business.  Attending this training would be a good first step for us to get to know each other, if you’re interested in running a “branch” (pun intended...nature...branch...get it?!) of OKOT in your neck of the woods! :)

Will the Therapy in the Great Outdoors Training Retreat qualify for CEUs for licensure renewal?

You are responsible to do the research regarding licensure requirements for your profession. We will provide a certificate of completion for all retreat attendees. As we have written the schedule right now, there are 18-19 hours of training, so the certificate will reflect the final number once we finalize the schedule in the coming months.

If you are a California-licensed occupational therapist, the California Board of Occupational Therapy does not certify continuing education courses. Our understanding is this training would qualify as 19 PDUs. 24 PDUs are required per renewal cycle.

Here is the information from the California Board of OT website:

“A list of activities that qualify can be found in the CCR Section 4161.

One half (1/2) of the required number of PDUs must be directly related to the delivery of occupational therapy services. The remaining units can be in other areas related to your practice. The Board does not require that you take courses from approved providers. You are also allowed to take online or home study courses, as long as a course completion certificate is provided.

If you earn more than the required number of PDUs within your renewal period, a maximum of six (6) PDUs may be carried to the next renewal period.

Exemptions from the continued competency requirements can be found in the CCR Section 4163.”

For NBCOT renewal, it is unclear if this course will qualify. It might qualify under #14 on the list at the link below. We have contacted NBCOT to inquire but have received no reply. You can access the list of continuing education activities here: https://www.nbcot.org/-/media/NBCOT/PDFs/Renewal_Activity_Chart.ashx

I have another question that isn’t listed here. Who should I contact?

Email Laura@outdoorkidsot.com with any questions you have!