OT Assessment

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We offer comprehensive occupational therapy assessments for children ages 1-12.  Our OT assessment will give you deeper insight into the "why" behind many of your child's difficulties, and our recommendations will give you a clear path forward to support your child in the areas in which they struggle.  OT assessment may include:

  • Standardized assessments to gain insight into your child's specific strengths and weaknesses that impact their participation and performance in daily life.  This may include assessment of: motor skills, visual perceptual skills, social skills, adaptive behavior, daily living skills, and sensory integration & processing.
  • In-person visit(s) at your home to complete testing with your child.
  • In-person observation(s) of your child at home, school, or daycare to see their performance in the natural context of their daily life.
  • 1-hour phone call with parent(s) to review assessment results.
  • Written report of assessment findings and recommendations.

Comprehensive OT assessments generally require between 6-12 hours of time, and are billed at $150/hour.  Therapist travel time to/from visits is billed at $60/hour from 94702 zip code.


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