Individual Family-Centered OT Services:

OT Parent Coaching

(a.k.a. "Helping YOU to be Your Kid's Everyday OT!")


We offer individual OT services using a parent coaching model, grounded in our values of Connection & Transformation in the Great Outdoors. 


Let us explain:

Traditionally, individual OT services for children are provided in a clinic setting where the therapist works 1:1 with the child.  At OKOT, we see some problems with this model:

  • Parents often sit in a waiting room and don’t get to participate in their child’s OT session.
  • Parents don’t get enough time to talk with the OT about their concerns without their child overhearing the whole conversation.

  • Parents have to wait too long- sometimes months!- to access services, since therapists are often booked during after-school hours or don’t work evenings and weekends.

At OKOT, we’re turning this traditional

model completely on its head with

OT Parent Coaching.

In OT Parent Coaching:

  • The occupational therapist works with YOU- the parent- to develop a home treatment plan to support your child in the real situations and routines (“occupations”) of daily life.

  • There is ample time to talk to the OT about your concerns and develop solutions, empowering YOU as the parent to use strategies in daily life.

  • Visits can be scheduled day, evening, or weekends via phone or video conferencing, which makes scheduling much easier.

And guess what?  It WORKS.

Research has proven parents who received OT Parent coaching have seen:

  • Vast improvement in their own abilities to manage their child’s unique needs

  • Increases in their child’s activity participation and engagement

  • Rapid achievement of individualized therapy goals

Ready to get started?

Our OT Parent Coaching Initial 6-week Package includes:

  • Developmental assessments completed by you and your child's teachers.
  • PDF summaries of assessments for your records.

  • 1-hour in-person OT observation of your child in school or home setting.

  • Four 50-minute phone or video conferences.

  • Discussion of assessment findings and observations.

  • Identification of current problems and challenges.

  • Establishing OT goals and tracking weekly progress.

  • Developing a home (or school) treatment plan to address goals.

  • Weekly review and adjustments to home (or school) treatment plan.

  • OT recommendations for strategies, resources, tools, equipment, activities, or supports to address your child’s specific needs in daily life at home or school.

  • Access to a shared documentation platform with the OT, so you (or the teacher) can ask questions, track your child’s progress, and collaborate on the treatment plan in between sessions.

The OT Parent Coaching Initial 6-week Package is $1400; monthly payment plans available.  

Subsequent coaching sessions beyond 6-week package (if needed) are $160 per 50-minute conference.

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