Con•T•GO Tots Nature Playgroup


This is our newest offering for the littlest tots and their parents!

Con•T•GO Tots is a nature playgroup therapeutically designed by an experienced occupational therapist to build your toddler's healthy sensory processing, motor skills, and social skills.  Toddlers 1-3 years of age attend this 90-minute outdoor play group with their parent. 

This group is an inclusive play experience for:

  • Typically-developing toddlers
  • Toddlers who may be "at-risk" of developmental delay
  • Toddlers with known developmental delays

As a parent, you'll have weekly access to the occupational therapist for consultation and advice about your child's development.  You'll also build social connections with other parents who are right there with you in the never-boring, sometimes-insane stage of parenting a toddler! :)

Apply now to be notified when our next Con-T-GO Tots group is starting!