Con•T•GO Kids OT


Con•T•Go Kids is an inclusive nature play group led by a licensed occupational therapist.  The group consists of typically-developing children ("peer playmates") and children with developmental delays who are receiving OT services to work on motor skills, attention, social skills, or sensory processing.  Mixed-age small group size of 3-5 children with OT and an assistant.  Significant time and consideration are taken to form effective groups. 

10-week sessions starting in September, January, & April.

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2017-2018 Dates  

  • Fall: 09/11-11/13, 2017
  • Winter: 1/8-3/13, 2018

  • Spring: 4/9-6/11, 2018
  • Time: 3:30-5pm
  • Locations: Mondays- Berkeley hills, Tues-Thurs- Oakland Hills
  • Cost: $1250 (or 3 monthly installments of $450/month)