Con•T•GO Kids OT Group


Con•T•GO Kids OT is an inclusive nature play group led by a licensed occupational therapist and an assistant.  Groups usually consist of 3-4 children who receive skilled OT services during the group to address development of motor skills, attention, social skills, or sensory processing, and 1-2 "Peer Playmates" who are not receiving OT but enjoy and benefit from outdoor play in nature with peers.

Current Con-T-GO Kids Openings (as of Friday 9-21-18):

3-6 year olds- Saturdays* 10-11:45am @ Joaquin Miller w/Alvin - FULL (Join waitlist!)

5-7 year olds- Mondays 3:30-5:15pm @ Tilden w/Elisabeth-

FULL (Join waitlist!)

5-8 year olds- Mondays 3:30-5:15pm @ Joaquin Miller w/Dalya-

1 OT spot, 1 Peer Playmate spot open

6-9 year olds- Saturdays* 1-2:45pm @ Joaquin Miller w/Alvin-

2 Peer Playmate spots open

7-9 year olds- Mondays 3:30-5:15pm @ Tilden w/Rita-

1 Peer Playmate spot open

*Saturday groups will meet 2-3 weekends per month to allow for holiday & family/therapist travel.  Please check dates when registering.

Cost for OT services range from $434-459/month, depending on the group.  Cost for peer playmate participation is $149-158/month.  Please refer to the chart below to understand OT services vs. peer playmate participation. You can also read our FAQs.

OT Kid or Peer Playmate infographic (2).png

2018-2019 Registration is NOW OPEN!