Sneak Peek Inside a ConTiGO Kids OT Group!

Sometimes it is hard to describe how incredibly therapeutic our groups are for children.  Combining nature play with the effectiveness of skilled occupational therapy to address children's developmental needs is truly magical at times.  There are so many moments in the woods where we therapists think, "THIS Is why OT outdoors is so awesome and so effective!"  But it is hard to illustrate in words alone.

Last week one of our therapists (and budding video-producer), Alvin Pineda, made a fun video to send to his families after leading his ConTiGO Kids OT group.  It does such a great job of illustrating the "feel" of what we do at Outdoor Kids OT!  We connect kids with one another and transform their development in the great outdoors...through therapeutically-designed play activities that address the children's OT goals.  We're not doing didactic teaching- sitting the kids down and giving "lessons."  That's boring!  At Outdoor Kids OT, kids learn by DOING in the context of play!

Laura Figueroa