At Outdoor Kids Occupational Therapy (OKOT), we want to make life easier and more enjoyable for your child and your family.

Our Con•T•GO groups use scientifically-proven OT strategies within the context of PLAY in nature to help your child build:

  1. COORDINATION by practicing motor skills and building strength & endurance.

  2. CALMNESS by actively engaging in sensory integration experiences to build self-regulation and self-control.

  3. COGNITION by thinking critically, asking curious questions, generating ideas, and solving problems.

  4. CONNECTION by developing social skills, empathy, compassion, perspective-taking, and play skills.

  5. CONFIDENCE by trying new things, taking healthy risks, and seeing mistakes as opportunities for growth.

  6. CONTENTMENT by thinking positively, keeping a growth mindset, and experiencing the joy of PLAY.

After our Con•T•GO groups, parents have shared their children:

  • …have better balance and motor coordination

  • …have increased self-confidence to try new things

  • …have a more positive outlook when approaching challenges

  • …are stronger and have more endurance

  • …show an increased interest in nature and playing outdoors

  • …are able to play more cooperatively with peers

If these are some of your hopes and dreams for YOUR child:

Our family loves Outdoor Kids OT. It has been an unique and incredible experience for our son. The outdoor setting has allowed for organic opportunities for him to work on problem solving, positive exploration, and building social skills. Not to mention what a great and kind steward our therapist is.
— SaraJane, Oakland mother of a 7-year old